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Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions is applicable for all users of the website and services provided by Japan REP Agency Association (hereinafter referred to as JRAA).

Article 1 (Definitions)
In this conditions, the following terms shall have the meaning set forth below.
1. ” Site” is a web- site http://www.jraa.jp/ which is operated by JRAA.
2. “Member” can be an individuals, association or corporation (hereinafter referred to as the “Corporations “) who registered a membership by the prescribed manner upon the consent to this agreement,
3. “Service” means the general service provided by JRAA to the user.
4. “Content” means the digital content and My Page registered by members in the prescribed manner.

Article 2 (Membership)
(1) Member is able to use each of the services in this site.in accordance with the conditions to which the present site is set. However, you may want to require registration of the matters specified separately this site.
(2) Members is not allowed to dispose the right transfer, rent, sublease, pledged or any all rights you acquired for the site by the use of position and service as a member.

Article 3 (Fee)
Unless we specified, usage fee will be free.

Article 4 (Terms and Conditions)
Terms will be applied to all member, it is a convention to get amulet after the time of registration procedures and during registration.

Article 5 (Membership registration procedure)
1. Membership
Corporation or individual who were application prescribed membership upon agree to this terms and condition, we have to qualify as a member after a predetermined registration procedure completion. Member registration procedure, please be performed by the person himself or representative who become a member. Registration by proxy for the individual will not be accepted. In addition, membership has been canceled for a person who was determined to not appropriate or a person who was disqualified the membership in the past.
2. The input of member information
At the time of member registration process, please enter accurately the necessary information to a predetermined input form.

Article 6 (password management)
Password has to be carefully managed in your responsibility in person by changing password periodically to prevent the others from knowing. If the entered password has been confirmed by a predetermined method to be consistent with those registered , it is assumed that there is a use by members , they theft , using a person other than the members by unauthorized use or other circumstances even if you are , it does not take any responsibility for any damage created thereby .

Article 7 (change of registration information)
If the change in the registration information has occurred, please help to immediately change registration. For damages caused by the fact that the change registration has not been made, this site does not take any responsibility. In addition, even if the change registration has been made, the transaction already procedures have been made before the change registration, will take place on the basis of the pre-change registration information. If such a deal is necessary to notify the change of registration information to the service provider for, please contact us directly to the service provider than the member.

Article 8 (members of withdrawal)
When a Member wishes to unsubscribe, after the end of the prescribed withdrawal procedure, it will be admitted as an official withdrawal.

Article 9 (Disclaimer of this site)
(1) Any loss such as loss of communication line and disruption , delay , stop data of the system according to the failure , such as a computer , rolling blackouts , natural disasters , damage caused by the nuclear disaster , the damage caused by the unauthorized access to the data , for the service of the other this site for damage caused to the member , this site shall not responsible for.
(2) This site does not guarantee that it does not contain harmful ones, such as computer viruses through the mail content that is sent from, such as a web page server domain of this site.
(3) This site may make an advice or provide appropriate information to member, however, but this does not assume any responsibility.
(4) For damage caused by a member is in breach of this agreement , this site does not take any responsibility .

Article 10 (Prohibitions)
This terms will be applied to all member, it is a convention to get amulet after the time of registration procedures and registration.
1. In violation of laws and regulations or the Terms.
2. Compromising this site, and other third-party rights, interests, the honor, etc.
3. Adversely affect the mind and body of the youth act, to perform an act contrary to other public order and morals
4. Become a nuisance to any other third party other users act and to carry out an act to inspire a feeling of discomfort.
5. Entering false information
6. Send or write harmful computer programs, e-mail and etc.
7. Unauthorized access to the site server or other computer
8. Loaned or transferred to a third party, or be shared with a third party of your e-mail address and password.
9. If a member has described the external links to information such as an image, for the content of the external links, this site does not take any responsibility.

Article 11 (Restrictions)
JRAA copyright and other rights of copyrighted material, such as photographs and other third parties have to offer benefits worth (publicity rights, portrait rights, use, including the authority) and legal protection, holders of the rights and interests it belongs to. Members, only for consideration of the business, you can use these work. Member are not allowed to replicates beyond this purpose, translate, transfer to third parties, rent, screening, and public transmission.

Article 12 (for the cookies, etc.)
This site correct information about the time to authenticate that you have access to this site as a member by using cookies (cookie) or access the server of this site IP address in order to provide the best services to other members, for the investigation of a member of the access history and usage,.

Article 13 (Handling of member information)
(1) This site does not disclose the member information to a third party without the prior consent of member. However, in the case of the following items, without the prior consent of the member, this site shall be able to disclose member information and other personal information.
   1. If you are prompted for a disclosure on the basis of the laws and regulations
   2. When this site has been determined to be necessary in order to protect the honor, benefit, right of service user or service provider of this site.
   3. If you do business in partnership as partner companies of this site
In this case, we will request also appropriate management for partner companies.

(2) Member information will be managed by this site with regard to in accordance with the privacy policy of this site. This site is allowed to use the member information for the provision of services to members, improvement of services, promote the use of the service, and for the purpose of achieving ensure healthy and smooth operation
Subject to membership information is e-mail address , full name (including phonetic) , address , phone number( including mobile phone ) , information about other contacts , nicknames , credit card information , and the transaction history and other information you

(3) This site is assumed that it is possible to carry out the provision of information by e-mail magazine other methods (including advertising) to members. If the member does not wish to provide information, in accordance with the present site a predetermined method to notice, this site will stop the provision of information. However, regarding

(4) This site, to the service provider, each member that had transactions or the application and the service provider, and membership information, and the members and the service providers to the extent necessary to deal with the member it will disclose the information about the transaction history between. In addition, this site is, if the member has access to the service provider’s website in the site, you may want to disclose information about the member of cookies to the service provider. In these cases, members, information that has been disclosed from this site will consent be utilized by the service provider.

Article 14 (The service interruption or termination, and etc.)
In order to use the service at all times in good condition , this site can take the necessary measures such as suspend or stop providing all or part of the services without notice in the case of performing scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system , when the concentrated load on the system , when this site has determined that trouble occurs in the operation of the service , if necessary to ensure members of the security has occurred , if it is determined that there are other needs. For damage caused to the member in this case, this site shall not be liable.

Article 15 (use stop-membership cancellation of a particular member)
(1) The site can activate suspension of use of services by the member without notice, change of registration information of the member, or of the member and it shall be able to perform the cancellation of membership in case particular member is determined to correspond to each of the following items. This site shall not take any responsibility even as some sort of damage has occurred to the member.
   1. If there is an act that violates the law or this Agreement to the member
   2. If there is fraud in relation to services available to the member
   3. If necessary in order to ensure a member of the security, such as there is an input mistake of a certain number of times or more of the password
   4. If it is determined that other this site is appropriate

(2) In addition to the preceding paragraph, if the member does not make the login of a certain number of times within a certain period of time prescribed by this site, this site can change or member of the member of a user ID and password without prior notice and it shall be able to perform the cancellation of qualification.

Article 16 (change, the abolition of the service)
This site can be properly changed or abolished all or part of the service at its discretion.

Article 17 (Revision of Terms)
This site, this Agreement shall be arbitrarily revised, also, can be set to point to a convention to replenish the Terms in this site (hereinafter referred to as the ” replenishment Terms “). Revision or supplementation of this Agreement shall cause its potency when you posted this Agreement or supplement the terms of the revised on this site given site. In this case, the member will be subject to the Terms and replenishment Terms of revised.

Article 18 (Governing Law, Jurisdiction)
This Agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of Japan, in case the need for action relating to this Agreement has occurred, we will of the Tokyo District Court as the first instance of the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.

June 1, 2016 enacted